Monday, March 30, 2009

Pamela Anderson The Designer. Oh Goodie!

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Pamela Anderson really is going green. Kinda. She has decided to start her very own "Eco-Friendly Fashion Line." Well congrats to her and her efforts. However I cannot help but feel the reason that she is doing this is because it is as close as she is going to get to a nudist colony. "I really don't like to wear clothes. I would rather go naked. But I love Richie's designs, so I agreed to be part of Muse." Together Anderson and designer Richie Rich are going to make leather free and "green" apparel.

I am not going to lie I am indeed curious to see what she comes up with, my bet is that they are very "sheer"!

Oh and I will have you know that it was kinda difficult to find a picture of her that I thought covered enough to be almost not obscene.

Another Twilighter.

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Here is another addition to the world of crazed Twilighters: Jamie Campbell-Bower

Look familiar- yeah I didn't think so. He was the odd sailor guy in Sweeney Todd that looked at the girl through the window and fell madly in love with her. Yeah he was really lame and could not sing worth bollocks. JCB signed onto the cast to star as Caius in the Twilight sequel New Moon.

Sad thing, Caius was my favorite in the books. Highly doubt this fellow will live up to the character.

Sunshine Cleaning

I am going to do a quick review on a movie that I saw last night:
Sunshine Cleaning
From the directors of Little Miss Sunshine-which is overly evident if you have ever seen LMS- comes this almost dark comedy of two sisters trying to find their place in life. Rose, the older sister used to be "hot shit" but now is a maid working to make ends meet for her and her child. Norah, is the careless sister still effected by the dead of her mother when she was young. Together they start a bio-hazardous waste cleanup business and through it all, I hate to be cliche, they find themselves.

The movie is heartfelt and funny all at the same time. I would recommend seeing it when it comes out of DVD. I am not so sure that it is worth the $9.00

If any of y'all have seen it, I welcome your input!

American Idiot, THE MUSICAL

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Green Day, in the likes of Pink Floyd and Steppenwolf, is about to take the theater by storm. The band will be making a musical out of their last mega mondo hit CD American Idiot. Lead singer Billy Joe Armstrong had his hand in writing the musical along with Michael Mayer, director of Spring Awakening and Thoroughly Modern Millie.

I know I will be making a trip up to the Big Apple in 2010 to see this one. Anyone else in?

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Bill O' Reily Has Spoken

Watch out Sean Penn, Bill O'Reily is after you. This Tuesday will mark Bill Bill's "100th consecutive month as the no. 1-rated cable news show. In an interview

O'Reilly: Just Sean Penn."

Apparently Penn has given money to the President of Iran-Ahmadinejad, Sadam Hussein, and Hugo Chavez. I would like a statistic on this, but if I were you Sean Penn I would consider you warned.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Who Wore It Better

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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson stunned crowds by dressing like Miley Cyrus at the Kids Choice Awards saturday night. I really wonder how he ever got in that dress.
But more importantly, who wore it better?

Santa Evicted.

You know it's sad when even Santa is feeling the economic recession. Finland is selling part of SantaPark due to the economic crisis. SantaPark is "home to Father Christmas" and will be sold to individual investors. Maybe I will have to put some of my shoe money towards it.

Well Santa, know you are always welcome to live with me in sunny Florida.

Read Full Article Here!

Dolly Parton is NOT a Lesbian

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And finally there is closure in the Dolly Parton lesbian escapades. There have been rumors floating around for quite a while that this country beauty has been involved with her longtime friend Judy Ogle. Parton finally came out and said that "We’ve been accused of being lovers. We do love each other, but we've never been like that". Well isn't that just lovely. My questions is...why couldn't she have said that a year ago and saved us all the drama?

Guess we can close the door on that scandal.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

What's in a name

I was reading the Associated Press moments ago and saw yet another article that confirms my suspicions. People MUST have something to complain about. I feel that we will never achieve a perfect world, not because it is not possible, but rather because there would be nothing more to complain about.

The headline reads; "Critics call WTC name change unpatriotic"
The name is changed from Freedom Tower to One World Trade Center.
I do not see how it is unpatriotic seeing as how that is what one of the buildings was named prior to the 9-11 attacks.

Personally I think there are better things to complain about, such as what Miley Cyrus wore to the Oscars.

For all you Lovely STAR fans

Plastic Surgery Slumber Party EP on ITUNES NOW!!!!
I just found out the exciting news! JEFFREE STAR will be spending a month on Warped Tour this summer! Should be a very "fierce" show. Check out Http:// for a full list of tour dates.

Learn How To YES

We all must learn how to YES:

When I grow up I wanna be...

I have a beef with The PussyCat Dolls. Firstly I cannot even begin to understand why they are together Nicole Scherzinger is the only one who does anything. Like she would even give the others a chance to sing, let alone gyrate on their own. What do the other five see in her, she is like an abusive relationship.

Tonight the SluttyCat Dolls were on the Kids Choice Awards, as to why I am at a loss, parading around in almost one half of a shirt shared between the six of them. I just feel being on the KIDS choice awards one would realize that maybe, just maybe a few more cloths would be appropriate....Dont' Cha?