Friday, April 03, 2009

The X-men Origins LINK!

HQ Wolverine Promo #1

Well as we have all heard numorous times in the past few days...Wolverine the up and coming X-Men movie to be released on May 1st. Has been leaked online! Heaven forfend. Actually I found the story quite humorous. I suggest that if you have not heard it you take a look on any sort of news or media webpage or broadcast. It is one of the only things to talk about right now.

I however am here to give you the LINK! Rawr! It says that it is legit. There are also other versions in the comments if you would like to look at those as well. If I were you I would get on downloading it ASAP, because I personally believe they will be forced to take them down very very soon. If I can find it with no problems I am sure that the goverment will have it is no time.

Without further ado,


I have not watched it, but I am curious what y'all think of it! Tell me, Tell me!

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